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Assay design
  • Design custom panels for targeted sequencing.

  • Cancer risk-factor assessment

  • 16S RNA sequencing from fecal, skin, nose, mouth samples.

  • Whole-exome-sequencing (WES) - syndrome discovery of undiagnosed cases. Whole exome sequencing is a targeted laboratory approach that makes it possible to identify variations in the protein-coding part of a selected gene. This can be especially valuable because most known genetic variants actually occur in exons. With whole exome sequencing, a patient’s DNA is mapped out, and specific genetic mutations and disease-causing variants are identified.

  • Bioinformatics - The Human Genome Project delivered the human genome in the year 2000 at a cost of several billion USD. Now it is possible to sequence the human genome for less than 1000 USD. However, analyzing and interpreting the enormous data of a single genome requires knowledge, know-how, skills and advanced technology. NGS-Diagnostik provides all the essentials to make human genome data accessible and understandable for individuals

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NGS-Diagnostik is a Next-Generation-Sequencing service from Stuttgart

SBS technology

NGS-Diagnostik is a Next-Generation-Sequencing service from Stuttgart

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  • Illumina technology
  • SBS sequencing

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